Thermal and energy Management for INcreased Driving range of an Electric minibus including improved user-centric Design and thermal comfort

MINDED is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme

under GA no. 101138202.

Innovate – Comfort – Sustainability

MINDED vision and goals

Minded is an innovative project dedicated to transforming road transport by developing a zero-emission, battery-electric iveco e-daily minibus. our goal is to improve the vehicle’s range and performance while ensuring passenger comfort and reducing costs.


Deliver a next-generation, energy-efficient, zero-emission minibus that sets new eco-friendly standards.

New HVAC unit


Provide sustainable and innovative mobility solutions for urban, peri-urban, and rural areas.

introducing a new heating system


Contribute to the European Green Deal by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting carbon neutrality.

Reduced energy consumption


helping your Life practically


Traditional heating and cooling systems in electric vehicles can significantly drain the battery, reducing the vehicle’s range. This problem is particularly acute in cold climates, where maintaining passenger comfort requires substantial energy. Effective thermal and energy management is therefore crucial for maximizing the driving range of an electric minibus.

  • Advanced Infrared Heating Panels

  • Optimized HVAC Systems

  • Digital Twin and AI-based Control Strategies

how we do it?

public transportation efficiency is the key

its’ not about minibus,
it’s about ‘YOU’!

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Diesel buses account for 93.5% of the EU fleet, with only 0.9% being battery electric and 1.4% hybrid electric.

MINDED is expected to reduce installation costs by 5 % and development time by 30 %, impacting bus and minibus vehicle market, leading to a faster commercial application and a more ecofriendly minibus.


Project Expected outcome

MINDED uses an integrated methodology based on social, scientific, and technological processes. The methodology will generate outcomes on all three levels paving the way for sustainable mobility:

science – people – future

latest news & insights

Stay updated with the latest news and insights from the MINDED project. Follow our journey as we make strides in delivering energy-efficient, zero-emission solutions for the future of mobility.

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